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  • Healing with Oxygen

    By passing an electric charge as a "spark" over pure Oxygen we create another natural element "Ozone". From the Ozone layer which surrounds and protects the planet to the ozone created by waves as they crash on the beach, Ozone has major beneficial attributes for health matters. Put in simple terms Ozone is supercharged Oxygen. Ozone reverts back to precious Oxygen, however during its short life it kills infections, assists damaged tissue to regenerate and importantly provides a rich environment for healing Ozone is a major resource, there is a significant body of work established which confirms its amazing power.

    Our own personal experiences with ozone include the repair of a torn meniscus ( knee) without surgery, getting rid of "red eye", sorting out troubled stomachs, healing a wound infected by the sting of the Crown of thorns Starfish a noxious creature from our Precambrian past who's sting remained virulent after antibiotics, steroids and other remedies had failed to make any impact for a month. Within 48 hours of applying ozone gas the wound healed.

    There are many problems that we routinely encounter where significant dramatic improvements occur with the use of Ozone. Health Tips has specific advice and a general approach to using ozone/oxygen for healing.

  • Ozone University

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