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    For some years now we have been developing a resort on a remote and untouched Island in Indonesia. The environment is totally pristine the ocean full of fish the beaches are untouched. The traditions of the people are still intact. Our objective has been to create a resort which would allow visitors to experience what we are seeing now without changing it.

    There is strangely enough a direct relationship between Tourism and Quantum theory physics, this being that as you look at something the act of being there and observing it actually causes it to change. Our Resort Nihiwatu on the Island of Sumba just south of Komodo the island of Dragons is being developed with major consideration being given to
    keeping the beauty and simplicity of the place as it is.

    To this end we have leased some 175 Hectares of land around the projects owned land securing as well a golden sand beach some 2 and a half kilometres long. We have returned this land to the owners and they will be assisted to grow the various provisions for the resort and sell them to us. The forests streams and arable land will remain as they are.

    The Adventure Sports are second to none, the ocean is not licensed for commercial fishing it teams with fish. We have several boats including a game fishing vessel and a dive boat as well as smaller craft.

    Our hope is that we can create an alternative method of resort development and to this end we have a new approach which brings direct tangible benefits on a daily level to the villagers, maintains and reinforces the environment helping to put into action a plan for the planet.

    You will add to your memory banks an experience which is becoming impossible to find. At Nihiwatu you will share the cause of preserving such beauty.

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