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Total World - Dealing directly with issues affecting your overall health and life style.

Providing access to the best medical facilities world wide and ways to help assist you to overcome problems through your own resources. This site offers solutions for a host of health issues including suggestions incorporating the latest developments in technologyand simple but effective natural remedies for troublesome personal problems. Our recommendation for Health Coverage with Third Millennia Health is aimed at providing the highest level of protection for your health on a global scale.

We have sensible ideas to improve the quality of all our lives including ways to enhance the condition of the planet. Our mission includes the development of a functioning example of how to bring tourism to some of the worlds remaining remote and beautiful places without degrading the environment and at the same time ensuring the health of adventurous tourists. See our Adventure Sports resort, Nihiwatu Resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba in our Earth section.

Have a look at the alternative ideas for dealing with knee injuries in the Air section. Find out about an innovative way to bring the water in your home environment  back to a healthy live element in our Water section.

Our Health Tips provide ideas that will intrigue you with simple solutions to problems that can be really difficult.

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